Friday, December 18, 2009

Friday update

Alright guys, time for another update. We've met all of our milestones this week, and here's a breakdown of new features added to the game.

Final battle menus
Final Statistics/Inventory menus
-Traversal System
Item pickups supported
Room search supported
Hidden items supported
Some special events
Locked door puzzles designed
Puzzle rooms designed
Wiki re-organized
-User testing
Testing plan in development
Cooperation with public school successful
xo's acquired for playtesting

Well, that's it. Jon and I will be polishing the game over the next week to make sure it's ready for testing. Hope everyone has a good holiday break!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Updates galore!

It is now week 3 of serious development! Here's a list of features added to the game since the last update.

-Battle System
Enemy AI(enemy chooses different attacks)
Items and equipment now available
-Traversal System
Locked doors now supported
Battle tutorial
Stat menu tutorial
Inventory tutorial
Traversal tutorial
locked door tutorial (Kinda)
1st dungeon complete and implemented
.txt file pattern finalized
1st level designed on paper
Enemy concepts
Separated class hierarchy into separate files.

Also, some good news for testing over the holiday break! I just talked with some teachers at Woodstown Public, and so far I have 24 student volunteers for testing. This gives us a lot of room to work with, but that also means our game has to be as bug free as possible. Hopefully we can acquire quite a bit of laptops to make full use of this opportunity.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday meeting summary

So, here's what went on at our new meeting time, Wednesday 6-8. Fortunately everyone showed up to gold stars all around. Milestones for this week involved getting the battle system up and running, so here we go with assignments for this week.

Jon: Make dungeon .txt files to be used in game, make specific item effects and powers
Kevin: Work on enemy AI, add enemy special attacks and bosses
Eric: Add in an inventory/equipment system as well as a rudimentary pause menu
Dave: Finish making images for the battle menu, start making images on stat menu
Preston: Make background music and art assets

We also made some changes to the way the rooms work. Now that we're going to have locked doors, puzzles, events, and items in rooms, we have changed the string used for making the rooms to the following: [North][Locked/Puzzle][South][Locked/Puzzle][East][Locked/Puzzle][West][Locked/Puzzle][RoomTypeFlag][EnemySlot1][EnemySlot2][EnemySlot3][EnemySlot4][ItemSlot1][ItemSlot2][ItemSlot3][ItemSlot4].

So an example string would be _LS___WP_002100A3 or a full string would be NLSPELWPT12341234

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Progress update 12/02/2009

Here's what's been done so far this week:
1) Support for sugar on a stick
added keyboard controls
2) Basic battle system features
Multiple enemies now supported
Player can select different enemies (an arrow is displayed to reflect this selection)
After battle, enemies are removed from the room so the player does not have to fight them multiple times
Countdown timer that adds bonus to attack
Critical hit chance with basic attack
Critical hit brings up a number pad an multiplication problem
User can enter answer on number pad using arrow keys and enter (or d-pad and check on xo)
If the correct answer is input, deals base damage to selected enemy+answer (144 max)+timer bonus (10 max)
If the wrong answer is input, deals base damage
Enemies are removed from battle as they are defeated (they retain their positions in the room)

2) advanced battle system features
Division attack is nearing completion (not yet implemented)
Geometry attack is beginning development

3) level design
enemies spread out through dungeon

More to be added in the next few days. Look forward to gameplay vids and developer interviews on the weekend!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Week 1

Alright time to start doing... stuff! Now you might ask "What stuff?" Well here's the assignments for the first week.

Dave: art for battle menus
Preston: balance the battle system, come up with item list
Kevin: work on division attack
Eric: work on basic attack, timer, critical hit
Jon: kill the flu, once that is done, start working on geometry attack

Next meeting will be Friday to assess progress and test what we've done till that point.

Assignments will be next Tuesday. Namaste.