Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Wednesday meeting summary

So, here's what went on at our new meeting time, Wednesday 6-8. Fortunately everyone showed up to gold stars all around. Milestones for this week involved getting the battle system up and running, so here we go with assignments for this week.

Jon: Make dungeon .txt files to be used in game, make specific item effects and powers
Kevin: Work on enemy AI, add enemy special attacks and bosses
Eric: Add in an inventory/equipment system as well as a rudimentary pause menu
Dave: Finish making images for the battle menu, start making images on stat menu
Preston: Make background music and art assets

We also made some changes to the way the rooms work. Now that we're going to have locked doors, puzzles, events, and items in rooms, we have changed the string used for making the rooms to the following: [North][Locked/Puzzle][South][Locked/Puzzle][East][Locked/Puzzle][West][Locked/Puzzle][RoomTypeFlag][EnemySlot1][EnemySlot2][EnemySlot3][EnemySlot4][ItemSlot1][ItemSlot2][ItemSlot3][ItemSlot4].

So an example string would be _LS___WP_002100A3 or a full string would be NLSPELWPT12341234

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