Monday, December 14, 2009

Updates galore!

It is now week 3 of serious development! Here's a list of features added to the game since the last update.

-Battle System
Enemy AI(enemy chooses different attacks)
Items and equipment now available
-Traversal System
Locked doors now supported
Battle tutorial
Stat menu tutorial
Inventory tutorial
Traversal tutorial
locked door tutorial (Kinda)
1st dungeon complete and implemented
.txt file pattern finalized
1st level designed on paper
Enemy concepts
Separated class hierarchy into separate files.

Also, some good news for testing over the holiday break! I just talked with some teachers at Woodstown Public, and so far I have 24 student volunteers for testing. This gives us a lot of room to work with, but that also means our game has to be as bug free as possible. Hopefully we can acquire quite a bit of laptops to make full use of this opportunity.

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