Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Progress update 12/02/2009

Here's what's been done so far this week:
1) Support for sugar on a stick
added keyboard controls
2) Basic battle system features
Multiple enemies now supported
Player can select different enemies (an arrow is displayed to reflect this selection)
After battle, enemies are removed from the room so the player does not have to fight them multiple times
Countdown timer that adds bonus to attack
Critical hit chance with basic attack
Critical hit brings up a number pad an multiplication problem
User can enter answer on number pad using arrow keys and enter (or d-pad and check on xo)
If the correct answer is input, deals base damage to selected enemy+answer (144 max)+timer bonus (10 max)
If the wrong answer is input, deals base damage
Enemies are removed from battle as they are defeated (they retain their positions in the room)

2) advanced battle system features
Division attack is nearing completion (not yet implemented)
Geometry attack is beginning development

3) level design
enemies spread out through dungeon

More to be added in the next few days. Look forward to gameplay vids and developer interviews on the weekend!

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